Add Height To Privacy Fence

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Now their small boys can see into my screened in pool area where i swim and sunbathe in the nude.

Add height to privacy fence. If your neighbours can look you in the eye over your fence you may need to add some height to the fence. The boards pictured cost 3 85 a board and depending on how tall you need your boards cut one fence board provides approximately three. The easiest way to add a few feet to your fence is to simply buy a few fence boards then cut them down and add them to the back of the existing fence.

My neighbor just constructed a tall jungle gym within a few feet of our privacy fence. Jan 16 2018 extend height of a fence increase the height of your fence with trellis fence extension. Although growing vines on a trellis is one way to add height and privacy to a fence another way is to plant fast growing trees or shrubs near the fence.

They have a. Neighbors and strangers checking your yard or house when you re not comfortable with it potential burglars checking to see if you re at home. To add privacy and provide stability to an older fence i headed to my local hardware store and bought a few fence boards.

By extending fence height you can get rid of some annoying or outright dangerous situations. Try oriental arbortvitae thuja orientalis. While trees vines and shrubs are often the best long term solution adding onto a fence or screen is a fast way to get privacy now.

You can add a custom made or pre made trellis or plant tall evergreens along the length of the fence. If you have a sloped yard live on a hill or have close neighbors adding height to your fence can add much needed privacy. Want more privacy in your yard but don t want to replace the fence.

To do this start by measuring the height from the top of the slats to the fence rail because that s where your new boards will sit. I can t believe they put it there and sooooo close. Here s are some facts before you install your fence.

Have a look at these ideas for extending the fence you have to block out your neighbours.

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